Privacy Policy

We recognize customer’s personal information has been deposited to us for your own purpose and of your own volition under the trust of our company, and to keep your personal information safe and to use them respecting your intention is important management issues.

Handling of personal information

(Compliance with laws and regulations)

1. When handling personal information (the information that can identify a specific individual; the same applies hereinafter), we comply with Act on the Protection of Personal Information Laws and Regulations on Personal Information Protection, obligations set out in the guidelines of the competent minister, and the policy listed here.

(Use within the scope of utilization purpose)

2. We handle personal information only within the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use, except the case we have obtained in advance a principal’s consent and recognized by law.

(Acquisition of personal information)

3. We work hard to collect personal information by specifying required information: such as the purpose of use, scope of joint user, our contact, etc., and obtaining in advance consent. Transaction of the business and inquiries may be recorded.

(Personal information collected from customers under 15 years old)

4. If there is a possibility to obtain personal information from the customers under 15 years old, we take extra consideration for handling personal information: specifying it to the guardians in order to obtain advance consensus from them.

(Safety control measures)

5. We work hard to ensure that the personal information we collect is accurate and up to date within our scope of use. We take necessary and appropriate security control measures in line with the current technology level and make corrections in order to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, falsification, loss, damages, and so on.

(Supervision of trustees)

6. We may entrust collected personal information to the third parties within the scope required in achieving the purpose of the use. We select the third parties by checking the security level is achieving an adequate level in dealing with personal information, provide the necessary and appropriate supervision by engaging contract and other measures.

(Provision to third parties)

7. We don’t provide personal information to a third party without obtaining in advance a principal’s consent, unless permitted by laws and regulations. We don’t provide personal information to a third party taking advantage of the opt-out system (Article 23, Paragraph 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information).

(Response to feedback and questions)

8. About handling personal information, we address customer feedbacks and inquiries based on laws and regulations: disclosure, correction, suspension of use (introduction of products and service), deletion and others. Please contact to the person/section which was shown by the company at the time you provided your personal information.

(Continuous improvement of company structures)

9. In order to handle personal information we collect in an appropriate manner, we work hard to continuously strengthen and improve our company structure including reviewing of this policy: assigning personal information supervisor, organizing of internal regulations, conducting education activities to board members and employees and implementing appropriate internal audits and others.

Date of enactment: August 1, 2017

President and CEO
Toshio Naruse

Handling of information on the website

We may use cookies and other identification technology to continuously provide more user-friendly and useful information services to our customers on our website.

You can disable the association with anonymous browsing information, such as cookies information, by refusing to accept data from cookies and other identification technologies, by changing the settings of the browser. By changing the settings of the browser, however, some services may not be available.

The use of the respective personal information obtained with these technologies is limited for us to acquire usage trends in order to provide better service, not associated with personal information, and not to be disclosed to a third party.

* Cookie is the technology to identify your computer. Customers cannot be identified unless entering your personal information.

Date of enactment: August 1, 2017