Injection molding machine
and maintenance

Not only the latest model but also the old models manufactured 43 years ago. Variety of sizes: from small, large to extra-large. Excellent maintenance service is only available by NIPPLA mechanics, whose expertise of the injection molding machines manufactured by JSW is far ahead of others.

Trust us, NIPPLA, for any issues related to injection molding machines manufactured by JSW: from installation, parts procurements and replacement.

NIPPLA has two pillars of business. The first one is the maintenance business of the injection molding machines. We are sincerely facing globally operated injection molding machines manufactured by JSW and its customers, as the designated after-sales service company. The major operations of the maintenance are the following four businesses.

  1. Installation / Test run of injection molding machine
  2. Repair / Maintenance, Periodic inspection / Cleaning, Overhaul of injection molding machine
  3. Retrofit (renovating / modifying the old injection molding machine into new model)
  4. After-sale service, such as selling the parts, etc.

Since 1961, injection molding machines manufactured by JSW have been shipped to all over the world, not only domestically. NIPPLA undertakes maintenance of all JSW machines currently operated in Japan. NIPPLA offers service for injection molding machine manufactured by JSW wherever it is. We can say it is the niche market without competitors.

* History of NIPPLA’s “technical capability of maintenance” is the history of JSW’s injection molding machine. Click “History of Injection Molding Machines” for details.


1. Installation / Test Run of injection molding machine

Even the small-sized injection molding machine weighs several tons. Only the professionals can bring in and install them without problems. Cooperating with the manufacturer (JWS), we undertake operations at all stages: shipment from the factory / installation, test-run after installation, providing guidance on the operational procedure, etc.

Regarding large-sized machine, lots of staffs are required to be in operation paying at most attention. We feel satisfied and our efforts are rewarded when the product is delivered to the customer without problem and we see it is operating well at the customer site.


2.Repair / Maintenance of injection molding machine

Periodical inspection is essential for injection molding machine after a fixed time of operation. One of the NIPPLA’s specialties is the high-level “maintenance ability of injection molding machine”. We can deal with the machines of hydraulic type and of 43 years old, in addition to the latest model which is controlled by electric computer. We perform maintenance preparing alternative parts when the original parts of old machines are no longer available.

Aging change may cause functional problem. When it happens, overhaul is required. Overhaul is essential to extend the service life of the machine (to maintain the original functional ability of the machine).

Troubles occur in variety of parts: electric system, hydraulic system, mechanical system, screw cylinder part of molding machine, belt, and others. Our engineers with years of experience and expertise, can assume and identify the cause of the trouble to manage the repairment request from our customers.


Retrofit (renovating / modifying the old injection molding machine controller into new model)

Old machines are still operated in the world. In the case of old machines, parts of controllers to operate the machines are discontinued. With “Retrofit” procedure, we can extend the life of the product. Retrofit procedure is another strength of NIPPLA.

“Retrofit” is a different procedure from “Overhaul”. Retrofit is to modify currently used controller by replacing control device and control panel to the latest ones. Upgrading to the latest model by retrofitting the old models (renovate / modify), new functions can be added.

On this Retrofit, please contact us.


After-sales service: parts sales, etc.

We sell the parts and attached devices needed for maintenance, overhaul, etc. NIPPLA takes care of all the procedures related to injection molding machines: from installation to after-sales service.