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NIPPLA Inc. is wholly owned subsidiary of The Japan Steel Works, Ltd., .
We have two business pillars.
One of the pillars is providing service for installation, inspection and repair of injection molding machine (manufactured by JSW), regardless of the size of the device: from small to extra-large. We are the sole company undertakes maintenance of all the machines operated in Japan.
Another pillar is the development and manufacturing of automation device. Upon request from the customers, such as “to automate manual operation of the company”, we provide custom-made automation device/automation system with a series of flows: proposal, designing and manufacturing.

Injection molding machines and automation device continue manufacturing products in the world. NIPPLA is the company to provide support in “manufacturing products” on-site.
“Support products and life in the world” is our slogan

Please feel free to contact us for any problems or requests on manufacturing.
For our customers, we are going forward to understand customer needs and provide better service.