Retrofit introduction

NIPPLA takes care of old type machines.
We extend the service life of the machine remarkably with “retrofit” technology.

Upgrading to SYSPAC-5000μ (modification)

Old model, μPACS-5000/μPACS-3002, can be modified to “SYSPAC-5000μ” with functional improvement.

“SYSPAC-5000μ” special feature

Large-sized TFT color liquid crystal display with touch panel. Following functions are added: production management function / quality management function / set value recording function / alarm history recording function / molding condition registration function

 “SYSPAC-5000μ” special feature

Upgrading to SYSCOM-1000 MarkⅢ (modification)

Old model “SYSCOM-800 / SYSCOM-1000 can be modified to “SYSCOM-1000 MarkⅢ” with functional improvement.

“SYSCOM-1000 MarkⅢ” specific feature

Corresponding to measured value collecting software (LINK10): Collection of data values is available on PC with JSW specialized software (LINK10).
* Specified software for JSW (LINK10) is separately required.
* Registration number of molding condition: jump up from 20 to 60.
Corresponding to external storage of molding condition: specialized data card was only available, but USB memory in the marketplace will be available.
Corresponding to print-out function using USB memory: data stored in the USB memory (measurements/display) can be printed out on your PC.

“SYSCOM-100 MarkⅢ” specific features